EDA Young Ringers outing to Oxford

Jointly with ODG Young Ringers, 18/02/2015

We had a great time, organised for us by Susan Read from Oxford. Thank you, Susan!

Here are all the young ringers who were on the outing:

And here is the story of our day in pictures (click on a picture to see a larger version):

We rang at St Mary Magdalen
(10, 7-1-2):

Here are Jake and Jason inspecting the bells:

And here’s the Sanctus bell:

Then we had lunch at the Slug and Lettuce:


Then some of us rang at St Giles (8,14-0-0):

While the rest of us went on a treasure hunt.

We saw the clock at Carfax tower:

And a Chemistry bus:

Then we arrived at St Aldate

The ringing room was very small, so some of us rang handbells downstairs:

Daphne had to lug the cake trolley around all day:

Until we arrived at St Thomas (10,11-2-6):

Where she served us her wonderful home-made cakes:

Thank you very much Susan and the Oxford ringers, and we look forward to welcoming you to Cambridge for a return visit.
Barbara Le Gallez
Photos: Alan Winter and Barbara Le Gallez

Here is Rachel's report of the day:

On Wednesday the 18th of February a group of 11 young ringers from Ely DA and their parents and helpers embarked on an enjoyable day of ringing at Oxford.

At 11 o'clock, in St Mary Magdalene (10, 7-1-12), we met the Oxford young ringers who we would be spending the rest of the day with. After several courses of rounds and a couple of Plain Hunt Caters attempts we moved onto lunch at the Slug and Lettuce which is inside Oxford Castle. 

After a refreshing and filling lunch the majority of the young ringers embarked on a tower grab at St Giles (8, 14-0-0) then onto a treasure hunt. This was organised by the Oxford young ringers and incorporated some of the major sites in Oxford and directed the ringers to the next tower.

Meanwhile a group of 8 young ringers (4 from each diocese) attempted to ring a quarter peal of Plain Bob Triples. Sadly fate was not shining on us and we failed to achieve a successful QP. We thus set out also on the treasure hunt which led us to St Aldates (6, 11-1-2).

After brief ringing the group then travelled to our final tower, St Thomas (10, 11-2-6). Barbara Le Gallez encouraged the Ely DA young ringers to practice their competition touch as she thought it is the tower where the RWNYC will be held later this year.

We were then treated to a touch of Cambridge Major by the more experienced young ringers from both diocese. The day finished with the prize giving from the treasure hunt (well done to team Carrot) and some lovely cake. 

Thanks must go to Barbara Le Gallez, Susan Read (Oxford DA), The Oxford young ringers and their helpers, Alan Winter, Dee Smith and our parents.
Rachel Frost 

Here is a recording of the ringing at St Giles