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Visit to March, 18th April 2015

posted Nov 12, 2015, 8:16 AM by Janet Garnett   [ updated Nov 12, 2015, 8:16 AM ]

 On Sat 18 April, the EDA Young Ringers travelled to March to meet up with the young ringers there. We had a great time ringing the March bells, which were not as scary as we had been led to believe, and we enjoyed cake and handbells in the church hall afterwards. Here is a photo of our group in the ringing room at St Wendreda’s. A report by Emily Adams is on the Wisbech District website, here.

Visit to Longstanton, 7th March 2015

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On Saturday 7th March, EDA Young Ringers visited Longstanton to meet the local young ringers. Here are some photos of the occasion (click on a photo to see a larger version).


Outing to Oxford, February 2015

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EDA Young Ringers outing to Oxford

Jointly with ODG Young Ringers 18/02/2015

We had a great time, organised for us by Susan Read from Oxford. Thank you, Susan!

Here are all the young ringers who were on the outing:

The story of our day in pictures, a report from Rachel and a recording of some of the ringing, are here.:

Gamlingay and St Neots, Saturday 17th Jan 2015

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The portable mini-bell
On Sat 17 Jan, the Hunts District Young Ringers and the EDA Young Ringers had a joint meeting at Gamlingay, followed by a group lunch, then the chance to ring on the splendid ten at St Neots.

The EDA Young Ringers, who are mostly from the Cambridge and Ely Districts, enjoyed ringing on the lovely bells at Gamlingay. Ten young ringers, spread fairly evenly between the three districts, rang everything from rounds to Cambridge Major. Downstairs, at the back of the church, we rang handbells and practised our methods on the computer using Abel. Thank you very much to John Boocock for making us so welcome.

A special treat was the first outing for the portable mini-bell designed and made by Alan Winter. This was great fun to ring (see photo).

Afterwards, eleven young people and adults enjoyed an excellent lunch in Beale’s café and then joined in the ringing at St Neots, where two of our members had their first go at ringing on ten (see photo). Thank you very much to ringing master Sheila George for making us so welcome.

Jason, one of our young ringers, is fascinated by the technology of bells, so he was very pleased to be allowed to look in the belfry at St Neots. Here is a photo of some of our group inspecting the bells. There is another photo of the bells on Jason’s web page, here.

Thanks to Geoff Grayton for taking the photos at St Neots
Barbara Le Gallez
 Ringing on 10 at St Neots    Inside the belfry at St Neots

Events in August 2014

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Twelve Young Ringers, parents and helpers had a lovely ringing outing on Weds 27th Aug, enabling us all to try different bells and ring new things. Thank you very much to Adam, Will and especially Rachel for their organisation, and to the towers for letting us ring. Rachel's report of the outing is below.

Six Young Ringers rang a Quarter Peal at St Benet's Church in Cambridge on Sun 24th Aug. Will writes:
We rang 1260 changes in 43 minutes. The Band was: 1. Chris (2nd Quarter); 2. Rachel (1st Quarter); 3. Billy; 4. William; 5. Adam (C); 6. Ben (1st Quarter)

Ely DA Young Ringers outing, August 2014

The ringers at St Mary's, Ely.
This outing was organised and run by the young ringers themselves. At ten o'clock a group of young ringers and some older ringers who had graciously agreed to help out met at St Ives for the first of our towers. The three ringing masters who would alternate throughout the day tried to include the right balance of ringing targeted for each individual ringer’s needs.

We then moved on to Bluntisham and enjoyed another ring of eight that Huntington had to offer. At this pretty church Barbara took the opportunity to present some supplies in the form of biscuits which were enjoyed at a number of different towers and in transit between the towers.

Supplies being decimated rapidly we then moved on from Huntington District and entered into my district with ringing at Wilburton, the only six bell tower of the day. This gave the younger ringers a chance to practice on a smaller number of bells and we could all perhaps try ringing slightly different things to what we are used to.

Lunch at Pizza Express
We then travelled to Ely and to Pizza Express for lunch. Food being consumed and enjoyed by all we then travelled to our heaviest tower of the day in Ely and experienced a different ring of eight.

Leaving Ely district behind us we journeyed to Orwell for our final ring of the day. We all gave the last tower the last of our energies and felt thoroughly tired as we journeyed home. Thanks to Barbara, Alan and Chris for providing transport, to St Ives, Bluntisham, Wilburton, Ely and Orwell for allowing us to use their towers and to Adam, Will and Rachel for organising the outing. Thanks to Barbara for taking the photos.

Rachel Frost

RWNYC July 2014

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Congratulations to the Ely DA Young Ringers who took part in the Call Change section of the Ringing World National Youth Contest at Worcester on Saturday 7th July. They were placed equal 5th out of 10 bands in the section, with a grade of C+. Bedfordshire were the winners, full results are here.

The band in ringing order is: Henry Pipe (Great St Mary, Cambridge District), John Hinton (Meldreth, Cambridge District), Dorothy Brooke (GSM, Cambridge District), Bronwen Laugharne (Gamlingay, Huntingdon District), Chris Franks (Fordham, Ely District), Billy Brooke (GSM, Cambridge District) - conductor, Adam Safford (St Ives, Huntingdon District), Will Johnson (St Benets, Cambridge District). Reserves: Rachel Frost (Sutton, Ely District) - row counter in the competition, Alfie Pipe (GSM, Cambridge District)

The photo shows 9 of the 10 ringers, taken at Histon church when they did a dry run under competition conditions on Sun 29th June. John Hinton is missing (their car was not working). More details, including a report on the day, are here.

Lolworth, April 2014

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Sat 26 April 2014: Lolworth (3, 5cwt) - “1260 Changes Meeting”

This was our contribution to the Ely District Quarter Peal month in memory of Rosemary Palmer and Colin Johnson. 

 Here is a photo of the event (click on the photo to see a larger version). The 1260 changes were made up from Chiming, Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Hunt and Stedman Singles on the tower bells and, on handbells, Rounds and Named Changes, Plain Hunt on 6 and Plain Bob Minor. The Young Ringers were: Kieran Edney, William Johnson, Jessica Feetenby, Melanie Franks, Chris Franks, Joshua Brown, Daniel Smith, Zachary Brown, Reece Perry, Jason Burnet, Jacob Childs. And the helpers were: Chris Bell, Barbara Le Gallez, Marina Warner, Nicholas Small. Alan Winter.

In memory of Rosemary Palmer and Colin Johnson, as part of the Ely District 'Ring for Rosemary and Colin' month.

September 2013

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Ringing at Millcroft

Encouraged by the level of response to the first Young Ringers’ Event in June this year, Barbara Le Gallez and her team of helpers from across the Ely Diocese held a second event on Saturday 21 September at Rampton, All Saints (6, 4-2-23 ) and the Millcroft Campanile at Willingham (10, 15lbs 6oz). The afternoon was attended by 15 young ringers of all abilities from age 6 to 19 under the watchful eye of the event’s overall ringing master, Alan Winter. more ...

June 2013

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Ringing at Little Eversden
The first Young Ringers' event for the Cambridge and Ely Districts was held at Little Eversden and Orwell on Saturday 22nd June. More photos here.

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