The Ringer by Henry Morley


The church is dark and gloomy, then the light goes flick!

The Ringers enter the church, they do a little pick.

They decide to do the tower bells, they start to ring them up,

And on they go ringing,

Ringing, ringing,

They start on their ringing, and up the bells go, up.


The ding-donging goes on, one, two, three, four,

Five, six, seven, and then a few more,

And then they say “Go Plain Hunt on nine”

They start their plain hunting,

Hunting, hunting,

They start their plain hunting, going down the line!


He calls out a Bob, he shouts it out loud,

The bells switch and swap, they swap 'till they're proud,

Their peal goes well, it stays well at bay,

Until one goes off course,

Off course, off course,

One bell goes off course, and they break the stay!


While it's being fixed, they do some handbells

They do a little bit, of Cambridge Court as well,

They call a bob, but it sounds like Bup!

The treble goes hunting,

Hunting, hunting,

The rest are like bunting, just all tangled up.


They start on some calls, calls that are on eight,

They get to Queens and Kings, it's all going great,

They call 1 to 2, 3 to 4, they make some good sounds,

They go on calling,

Calling, calling,

On they go calling, 'till they get back to rounds.


They ring the bells, they ring them all down,

The sound can be heard from all over town,

The bells are going, all down in time,

The bells are getting faster,

Faster, faster,

The bells are down now, chime, chime, chime